These are thumbnails, click on them to see larger pictures. The first is the centerfold from the Stanford Chaparral, Spring 1967. (I know it's hard to believe, but at the time this was shocking.) Second, posing on Mr. and Mrs. Stanford's tomb--I suppose Leland Jr. is in there too--this and the following are from Playboy, September 1968. The chilly beach photo is also from '68 and was taken near Santa Cruz, the next is an AP story. Number six is Vicky Drake, stripper, 1972, followed by my Japanese wedding photo (Tokyo, 1974). The last is another photo taken by Dick Rowan for Playboy in 1968 but not published until 2011, on their members-only website.

In 2008 I rediscovered an award-winning student film I was in, in 1968. It is still very funny, and I converted it to mp4: Campus Christi

Pictures by Angie Radovan:
Student Body Vicky Drake by ARadovan - RedBubble
Flower Child by ARadovan - RedBubble

Interview transcript:
Radical Chick

Personal history:
TIME People May 17, 1968
Wikipedia - Vicky Brago-Mitchell
Photos of John, Vicky, and Assorted Animals
My Mother, Caroline Bowles