Julian Rasmussen, composer
Faroe Islands, home of composer Julian Rasmussen Born in 1978, Julian Rasmussen is a young newcomer to the world of new classical music. His works include musical compositions for orchestra, chorus and choir, organ, and piano.

The natural beauty of his Faroe Islands homeland provides a perfect inspirational environment for dynamic and energetic musical creation to flourish.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sudden changes in the weather over mountains and valleys.
Fyrsti Satsur
Annar Satsur
TriĆ°i Satsur
Tú dregur meg sum ein magnetur
Piece for piano & strings

Symphony No. 2
1. Andante tranquillo
2. Andante maestoso
3. Adagio meno mosso
4. Allegro con brio

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