Classical Music - John Mitchell
    John Mitchell, composer - Music Reviews

--I find Mitchell's music very melodic, often majestic, and
emotionally charged.

                     Florian Keller
                     Editor, Vienna Online

 --new packaging, but the same beautiful music.

                     Richard A. Gottfried
                     Attorney, Los Angeles, California

--Mr. Mitchell's music is so relaxing after a stressful day.

                     Bertha Wright
                     Teacher, Beliz

-- c'est magnifique!!!

                     Eliane Grand
                     Administrative Assistant, Geneva, Switzerland

 --clearly an accomplished composer  who has worked in
many forms.

                      David Arditti
                      Editor, Menelik Musik, UK

--the piano line  [in the Blake songs]  is a true voice,  in
graceful counterpoint with that of the singer.

                       Walter Martin
                       NATS Magazine  

--Ya he recibido y escuchado el CD. Enhorabuena porque me ha gustado mucho, además los intérpretes son muy buenos. Muchas gracias.                       

                       Andrés Valero castells
                       Valencia, España  

--Entre partitions classiques, envolées lyriques et élans
rock, les créations du compositeur américain
John Mitchell révÈlent toute la magie émotionnelle
de ce savant mélange.
                      Nathalie Michallon

--Lieder des amerikanischen Komponisten JohnMitchell
...eine erstaunliche Wiedergeburt von der klassische 
Tradition ...

                     Heinrich Unterberg
                     Musik-Kritik, KulturNet

--The musicians thank Mr Mitchell for the music in such clear classic style with a melody (they are tired by vanguard).

                     Marina Doubovskova, Manager
                     Sheremetyev Ensemble, Moscow, Russia

--it's almost addictive.

                     Dennis Mitchell
                     chemistry Professor, Los Angeles city college


                     Yahoo china


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