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클래식 음악 - John Mitchell
    클래식 음악 - 작곡가 존 미첼(John Mitchell)

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OP. 1 Seven Songs from 윌리엄 블레이크 (1964,77) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 2 Seven Color Pieces for Piano (1966,80)
OP. 3 Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1968)
OP. 4 Ballad Sonata for Violin and Piano (1970)
OP. 5 Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1972)
OP. 6 Sonata No.1 for Piano (1972)
OP. 7 Lead Thou My Feet (1974) (Hymn) (Josephine Royle)
OP. 7A Lead Thou My Feet (1974, arr. 1979) (Chorus and Piano) (Josephine Royle)
OP. 8 Three Sacred Songs (1974,75,78) (Voice and Piano) (Josephine Royle)
OP. 9A Song: Invocation of Unity (1974) (Voice and Piano) (Trad.)
OP. 9B Song: Invocation of Unity (1985) (Voice and Piano) (Second Version)
OP. 9C Anthem: Invocation of Unity (1974, arr.1979) (Chorus and Piano)
OP. 9D Piece: Invocation (1974, arr. 1977) (Organ)
OP. 10 Invocation of the Holy Trinity (1975) (12 Offertories for Organ)
OP. 11 Episodes on the Spiritual Path (1975) (5 Preludes for Organ)
OP. 12 The Seven-Fold Spirit of Christ (1975) (7 Offertories for Organ)
OP. 13 Two Sacred Songs (1975) (Voice and Piano) (Lurrine Burgess)
OP. l4 The Divine Plan of Creation (1975) (14 Preludes and Offertories for Organ)
OP. 15 Jesus Christ Superstar (1972-75) (arr. Organ Solo) (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
OP. 16 Song: Where Did We Meet Before? (1975) (Voice and Piano) (Teresa Mitchell)
OP. 17 Visions From the Earth (1976) (10 Songs) (Voice and Piano) (Emily Brontë)
OP. 18 12 Lyric Preludes for Piano (1976)
OP. 19 Song: The Invocation of Peace (1976) (Voice and Piano) (trad.)
OP.19A Anthem: The Invocation of Peace (1976, arr. 1976) (Chorus and Piano)
OP. 20 Song: The Eagle and the Dove (1976) ( Voice and Piano) (Joan Dwyer)
OP. 21 Sonata for Cello and Piano (1976) (Bicentennial)
OP. 22 Song: Listen, O Pilgrim (1976) (Voice and Piano) (Alice A. Bailey)
OP. 23 Invocations (1976) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra) (trad.)
OP. 23A Invocations (1974,76, arr. 1975-76) (Piano Solo) (Five Pieces)
OP. 24 The Earth, the Wind and the Sky (1977) (15 songs) (Voice and Piano) (에밀리 브론테)
OP. 25 Visions from the Flame (1977) (10 Songs) (Voice and Piano) (윌리엄 블레이크)
OP. 26 3 Festival Preludes for Piano (1976,77,80)
OP. 27 Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (1977)
OP. 28 Six Blessings (1977) (6 Pieces for Piano) (Joan Dwyer)
OP. 28A Six Blessings (1977, arr. 1978) (Organ Solo) (Joan Dwyer)
OP. 29 Sonata No. 2 for Piano (1977)
OP. 30 Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello (1978)
OP. 31 Two Songs (1978,81) (Voice and Piano) (Howard Carey)
OP. 31A Anthem: The Voice of the Soul (1978, arr. 1980) (Chorus and Piano) (Howard Carey)
OP. 32 Song: Be Loved, Be Joyous, Be Free (1978) (Voice and Piano or Guitar) (Evelyn Grasing)
OP. 33 The Way of Love (1978) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 34 Four Songs from Sharon (1978) (Voice and Piano) (Sharon Olsen)
OP. 35 The Call (1979) ( Choral Prelude) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 36 Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1979)
OP. 37 Song: The Final Chord (1980) ( Voice and Piano) (Alice A. Bailey)
OP. 38 The Pool of Spirit (1976,80) (7 songs) (Voice and Piano) (Cynthia Stuart)
OP. 38A Song: Morning (1980, arr. 1983) ( Voice and Piano) (Cynthia Stuart)
OP. 39 The Voice of the Soul (1980) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 40 Three Festival Pieces for Piano (1980)
OP. 41 The Four Rays of Light (1980) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 42 Sixty Preludes for Piano (Sentinels of the Night) (1980)
OP. 42A 28 Preludes for Piano (arr. 1986)
OP. 43 Sonata for Flute and Piano (The Sentinel) (1980,86)
OP. 44 The Planets (1982) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 45 Two Chants (1982,83) (unaccompanied)
OP. 46 Sonata for Bassoon and Cello (1982)
OP. 47 Seven Poems of John Kendall (1982) (Soprano, Clarinet and Piano)
OP. 47A Seven Poems of John Kendall (1982, arr. 1992) (Soprano and Piano)
OP. 48 Five Poems of 로버트 프로스트 (1982) (Mezzo, Cello and Piano)
OP. 48A Five Poems of 로버트 프로스트 (1982, arr. 1992) (Baritone and Piano)
OP. 49 The Universal Star (1982) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 50 Five Sonnets by 밀레이 (1983) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 51 Five Lyrics by 밀레이 (1983) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 52 The Gift To Be Simple (arr. 1983) (Soprano, Clarinet and Piano) (Shaker melody)
OP. 53 Visions from the Earth (1983) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 54 Quintet for Winds (1984)
OP. 55 Three Songs from the Mystic Trumpeter(1984 ) (Voice and Piano) (월트 휘트먼)
OP. 56 Quartet for Clarinet, Horn, Cello and Piano (1984)
OP. 57 Four from Claudia and Cruz (4 songs) (arr. 1985) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 58 Arrangements of Songs of Peter Chapel: Part One (1985-86)
OP. 58A Ballad of My True Love (Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano)
OP. 58B Los Angeles, Queen of Angels (Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano)
OP. 58C Three Songs by Peter Chapel (Voice, Bassoon and Piano or Voice and Piano)
OP. 58D Song Suite for Piano
OP. 58E Dance Suite for Piano
Op. 58F Ten Dances for String Quartet
OP. 59 Psalm Sixteen (1985) (Chorus and Organ)
OP. 59A Psalm Sixteen (1985, arr.1990) (Piano Solo)
OP. 60 Trio for Two Trumpets and Trombone (1986) (Memorial)
OP. 61 Two Songs from Elizabeth (1986) (Voice and Piano) (Elizabeth Cotton)
OP. 62 Three Sonnets of Keats (1986) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 63 Golden Planet (1986) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 63A O mundo hay paz por ti (1986) (arr. 1992) (Chorus and Piano)
OP. 64 Science of the Soul (1988) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 65 Suite for Oboe and Piano (1987-88) (Three Blessings)
OP. 66 Seven Songs of Michelina Foster (arr. 1988) (Piano Solo)
OP. 67 West Side Story (arr. 1988) (Chorus and Piano) (L. Bernstein)
OP. 68 Four Sonnets of 미켈란젤로 부오나로티 (1988) (4 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 69 Song for Kim- Sam (1988) (Two Pianos)
OP. 70 Heart of the New Earth (1988) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists, and Orchestra)
OP. 71 Seven Journeys to Earth (1989) (35 Songs)( Voice and Piano) (Emily Brontë)
OP. 72 Six Sonnets of 미켈란젤로 부오나로티 (1989) (6 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 73 First Corinthians Thirteen (1989) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 74A Song of the Universal (1989) (Cantata No. 1) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (월트 휘트먼)
OP. 74B On the Beach at Night (1990) (Cantata No. 2) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (월트 휘트먼)
OP. 75 Les Miserables (arr. 1989) (Chorus and Piano) (C.M. Schönberg)
OP. 76A Two Psalms (1989) (Psalms 33, 37) (Two Sopranos and Piano)
OP. 76B Three Songs (1976,78,80 arr. 1989) (Two Sopranos and Piano)
OP. 77 The Harmony of the Universe (1990) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 77A A Prayer for All Creation (1990, arr. 1993) (Chorus and Piano) (trad.)
OP. 78 Always Mine (1990) (Light Opera) (Soloists, Chorus, and Piano) (K.L. Anthony)
OP. 78A Always Mine (1990, arr. 1993) (Chorus and Piano) (K.L. Anthony)
OP. 78B Song: You Were Always Mine (1990, arr. 1991) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 78C You Were Always Mine (1990, arr. 1991) (Soprano, Baritone and Piano)
OP. 79 Eight Arrangements for a capella Vocal Quartet (arr. 1990)
OP. 80 Psalm 105 (arr. 1990) (Piano Solo) (D.L. Haworth)
OP. 81 Three Arrangements for Charlene (arr. 1991,92) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 82 Arrangements of Songs of Peter Chapel: Part Two (1991,92)
OP. 82A Hester Canyon Suite (Piano and String Quartet)
OP. 82B Laurel Canyon Medley (Violin and Piano)
OP. 82C Five Variations on a Song of Peter Chapel (Clarinet and Piano)
OP. 82D Twelve Songs (String Quartet)
OP. 82E Eighteen Songs (Piano and String Quartet)
OP. 82F Ballad of a Live Oak Tree (Vocal Quartet and Piano)
OP. 82G Los Angeles, Queen of Angels (A capella Vocal Quartet)
OP. 83 Eight Poems of Mickey King (1991) (8 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 84 Song: The Master's Life (1992) ( Voice and Piano) (Claudia Humphrey)
OP. 85 Suite 75-90 for Piano (1975,86,90, arr. 1992)
OP. 86 Meditation No. 1: The Breath of Life (1992) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists, Audience and Orchestra)
OP. 87 Meditation No. 2: The Soul at Peace (1992) (Cantata) (Chorus,Soloists, Audience and Orchestra)
OP. 88 Three Poems of Cesar Vallejo (1993) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 89 La Corona (1993) (7 Songs) (Voice and Piano) (존 단)
OP. 90 Three Songs For Vicky (1993) (Voice and Piano) (Marvin Bell, 더럴, William Meredith)
OP. 91 Meditation No. 3: Message of Radiance (1993) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists, Audience and Orchestra)
OP. 92 Final Chant (1993) (unaccompanied)
OP. 93 Formats for Nine Minor Full Moon Festivals (1994)
OP. 94 Ode on a Grecian Urn (1993) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano) (존 키이츠)
OP. 95 Four Songs in Spanish (1993) (Voice and Piano) (Lorca, Parra, Vallejo, and Neruda)
OP. 96 Four Sacred Songs (1994) (Voice and Piano) (홉킨즈)
OP. 97 Two Songs (1994) (Voice and Piano) (Bill Rainwater)
OP. 98 Three Sonnets (1994) (Voice and Piano) (세익스피어)
OP. 99 Song: Mary Stood Weeping (1996) (Voice and Piano) (John 20: 11-16)
OP. 100 Vanya (1997) (Opera) (Soloists and Small Orchestra) (Anton Chekov)
OP. 101 Four Pieces for Organ (1998)
OP. 102 Sonata No. 3 for Piano (2000) (Regulus)
OP. 103 Three Songs in Spanish (2000) (Voice and Piano) (Ibarbourou, Sor Juana, Mistral)
OP. 104 Four Poems by 실비아 플라스 (2000) ( 4 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 105 Sonata No. 4 for Piano (2001) (Alcyone)
OP. 106 Three Songs for a New Millenium (2001) (Rose, Tennyson, Arnold) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 107 The Twenty-Third Psalm (2001) (12 Pieces) (Organ)
OP. 108 Sonata for Horn and Piano (2001) (Stanza IX of Dzyan)
OP. 109 Four Passages (2001) (Cantata) (Soprano, Baritone and Piano) (토마스 스턴스 엘리엇)
OP. 110 Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came (2001) (Cantata No. 3) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (로버트 브라우닝)
OP. 111 Sonata No. 5 for Piano (Aldebaran) (2001)
OP. 112 Dance Suite for Piano (2001)
OP. 113 Requiem (2001) (Chorus, Four Soloists and Orchestra)
OP. 114 Fourteen Poems by 앤섹스턴 (2002) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 115 Five Poems by Vicky (2002) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 116 Quartet for Flute, Viola, Bassoon and Piano (2002)
OP. 117 Sonata No. 6 for Piano (Eltanin) (2002)
OP. 118 Sonata for Guitar and Piano (2002)
OP. 119 Quartet No.1 for Strings (2002)
OP. 120 Sonata No. 1 for Organ (God the Father) (2003)
OP. 121 Visions from the Flame, Part Two (10 Songs) (2003) (Voice and Piano) (윌리엄 블레이크)
OP. 122 Cantata No. 4: Auguries of Innocence (2003) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (윌리엄 블레이크)
OP. 123 Quartet for Oboe, Horn, Cello and Piano (2003)
OP. 124 Cantata No. 5: From the Colossus (실비아 플라스) (2003) (Vocal Quartet and Piano)
OP. 125 Quartet for Strings No.2 (Stanza of Dzyan No.XI) (2003)
OP. 126 Five Poems of Henry Vaughan (2003) (Tenor, Baritone & Piano)
OP. 127 Sonata for Charlie (2003) (Viola and Piano) (Stanza of Dzyan No.XII)
OP. 128 Cantata No. 6, El rosario de Eros (2003) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (Delmira Agustini)
OP. 129 Tres cuadrúpedos: Three Songs (2004) (Voice and Piano) (호르헤 루이스 보르헤스)
OP. 130 Six Poems of 딜런 토마스 (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 131 Nine Poems of Delmira Agustini (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 132 Diario espiritual: Six Poems (2004) (Voice and Piano) (Delmira Agustini)
OP. 133 Twenty Poems and a Letter of 에밀리 디킨슨 (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 134 Ten Poems of 페데리코 가르시아 로르카 (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 135 Five Poems of 니까노르 빠라 (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 136 Quartet for Strings No.3 (Stanza of Dzyan No. XIII) (2004)
OP. 137 Seven Songs on Poems of 페데리코 가르시아 로르카 (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 138 Quartet for Violin, Viola, Bass Clarinet and Piano (2004)
OP. 139 The Lord's Prayer (Ten Pieces for Organ) (2004)
OP. 140 Ten Poems of Kabir (2004) (Voice and Piano)
OP. 141 A Hymn to God the Father (Three Songs) (2005) (Voice and Piano) (John Donne)
OP. 142 Sonata No. 2 for Organ (God the Son) (2005)
OP. 143 The Beatitudes (Eight Pieces for Organ) (2005)
OP. 144 Sonata No. 3 for Organ (God the Holy Spirit) (2005)
OP. 145 The Seven Last Words of Christ (Seven Pieces for Organ) (2005)
OP. 146 Thou Art the God That Doest Wonders (Five Pieces for Organ) (2005)
OP. 147 Three Poems by Robert Lowell (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 148 Sonata No. 7 for Piano (Megrez) (2005)
OP. 149 Seven Poems by Theodore Roethke (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 150 Three Poems by James Stephens (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 151 Cantata No. 7, The Future (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (2005) (Matthew Arnold)
OP. 152A Seven Songs on Poems of Wilfred Owen (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 152B Four Poems of Wilfred Owen (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 153 Trio for Chelsea (Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon) (2005)
OP. 154 Seis Poemas de César Vallejo (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 155 Quartet for Strings No. 4 (Stanza of Dzyan No. VI) (2005)
OP. 156 Fourteen Poems of Emily Dickinson (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 157 Eight Poems from Ariel by Sylvia Plath (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 158 Fourteen Poems by Christina Rossetti (Voice and Piano) (2005)
OP. 159 Cantata No. 8, Paradise (Christina Rossetti) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (2005)
OP. 160 Quartet for Strings No. 5 (Stanza of Dzyan No. VII) (2005)
OP. 161 Cantata No. 9, The Four Seasons (William Blake) (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (2005)
OP. 162 Sonata No. 8 for Piano (Arcturus) (2005)
OP. 163 Sonata No. 9 for Piano (Andromeda) (2006)
OP. 164 Wuthering Heights, Part One (Opera based on the novel by Emily Brontë) (Soloists and Orchestra) (2006)


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